The Problems with Real Estate Development

Jonathan Rooks

November 9, 2022

Real Estate Development

The development of real estate is fraught with difficulties. Cost, profitability, marketing, and access to land are a few of them. Before starting this venture, you should think about these difficulties because they have the power to create or ruin your firm. In this article, some of the major difficulties in real estate development are covered. We’ll look at some potential answers to these problems as well.

Land availability

One of the most crucial factors in the construction of a property is access to land. In order to convert land from a lower order agricultural use to a higher order urban use, it must be available and suitable for conversion. This study looked at how access to land is used in the development process and how it affects the growth of the private sector. Snowball sampling methods were used to choose responders from 62 independent real estate developers and six private corporate developers.

Millions of people around the world’s quality of life are impacted by property development, which depends heavily on access to land. As of 2016, it was predicted that up to 70% of the world’s population lacked safe property rights. This is a significant obstacle to resolving issues with poverty, a lack of financial resources, and other basic human rights. Additionally, a shortage of land access has resulted in sizable informal settlements in numerous cities around the world.


The price of real estate development is influenced by a number of factors. These include of the development’s location, labor and material expenditures, and any licenses needed. The project’s complexity can also affect the final price. Therefore, it is crucial to allocate up to 5–10% of additional costs in your budget.

Zoning and land use fees are additional expenses that have an impact on the price of property development. The developer must also pay for council fees, professional fees, and building permits in addition to this. These costs may differ from one jurisdiction to another. This necessitates a review of all fees in the initial stages of real estate development.

For a property to be developed, a sound financial model is essential. The developer must make sure they have enough financial headroom by performing meticulous cost calculations. The financial headroom is the discrepancy between an investment’s projected cost and its available funding.


The profitability of a real estate development depends on a variety of elements. Calculating the profit margin is a crucial factor. The profit margin is often set at 20% or more. However, depending on the market and the investor’s tolerance for risk, the profit margin can be higher or lower than this.


The marketing plan of a real estate development company must include the establishment of a powerful brand and consistent messaging. With the aid of these tactics, the developer ought to be able to weather a slump in market activity while keeping up their momentum during booms. The first stage in gaining the recognition of customers is having a powerful brand and a consistent message. Additionally, the marketing volume must to be enough to keep customers satisfied during lulls in market activity.

For property developers, the current real estate cycle has brought up a distinctive set of marketing difficulties. Developers have invested a lot of money in sponsored search channels like REA and Domain in recent years. They frequently sold the entire land before building started. The pie has been cut in half by the credit crunch, and the market is no longer as strong as it once was. Property developers have therefore been forced to diversify their marketing methods, including social media, SEO, and paid search.